About Us

Welcome to our web hosting service! We are happy to provide you with reliable and efficient hosting solutions.

We started out in 2002 designing websites and computer repair out of a small office in San Jose California. Occasional cable runs in businesses, data centers, and a few residentials to make ends meet. While looking for stable and cost effective hosting at that time was pretty much impossible to find.

In 2003 we started out with orbitalpc.com as our main website. In late 2006 we expanded the infrastructure and created hostingpup.com. While currently we do not use either of those domains as they are for sale. As of Oct 2022 we manage 29 different websites with thousands of clients. Sorry, but we do not share any of the websites because of diffrent pricing and service models. We continue to advance and acquire smaller web hosting and web service companies.

Since the website creation field has basically gone to diy with many cms platforms like WordPress and many website builders. We focus on the backend supporting these systems. In early 2022 we created the Mynet.systems site to replace several other customer billing and support portals.